The Company

Trade in Minerals & metal commodities are a key element in the world economy & in recycle industries. In this business we are at home. Next to trade, our corporate philosophy is to organize the logistics of Metals & Minerals commodities from the country of origin to the buyer in the importing country.

In this way we ensure the promised supply of high-quality raw materials to the industry. We put all of our resources to work as part of an integrated strategy to achieve your business objectives.

Let’s face it — the commodity business can be risky. Every transaction is subject to a myriad of risks, such as price risk, financial risk, logistics risk or quality risk, any of which could be detrimental to your success. In every partnership, we use up-to-the-minute market intelligence to learn what factors present obstacles or opportunities for your business. We then work with you to deliver a seamless solution, whether it requires trading, origination and handling, transportation and logistics services. So no matter what risks you face, you get the best results.

TCT was founded in 2008. TCT's mission is to become a leader in the scrap metal business by providing competitive pricing combined with a standard of excellence in customer service. TCT's recognizes that it’s own success depends n the successful execution of sourcing and delivering material to it’scustomers around the world on time and as promised. Since inception, TCT's formula is already proving successful with spectacular growth in the domestic and overseas markets.

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TCT Trade International LLC

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