Terms of Payment

  1. Letter of Credit – 100% Confirmed, Irrevocable, Sight, Transferable (As Required) Letter of Credit. Our bank should be confirming & reimbursing bank, all confirmation – negotiation – advising charges on buyer account. Buyer to open DLC with 3~5 days of receiving Proforma invoice. We should be able to draw funds on presentation of all standard shipping documents less inspection certificate. Please provide the format of draft DLC before your bank actually establishes or transmits same. Buyer to advice for DLC opening – issuing bank name, swift code, location in advance to seller to check buyer banks credentials.
  2. For Ferrous product 25% Balance Payment by TT or RTGS as applicable against FAX or Scan Copy of Draft Shipped B/L in the name of buyer. Will provide soft copy of Commercial INVOICE + Packing List + Certificate of Origin + No WAR Material Certificate + OBL + Weight Slips + Loading Photos. Hard Copies will be sent by courier to Buyer’s nominated address on receipt of balance payment. Shipment from some location's have special payment conditions.
  3. Weight dispute will be resolved by credit only on future orders for weight loss which is verified no cash refunds - no claim for custom duty or other sundries will be accepted or entertained. Good Buyers know & accept this as expense of doing business and refrain from being embarrassed by making such demands.

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