Tour De Metalberg

Tour De Metalberg

We offer comprehensive metal recycling services throughout the major controlled sites of production of ferrous and non ferrous in the world. we are complete service providers, from identifying, financing, accumulating, packing, committed logistics, & delivery. We maintain our position at the forefront of the industry by delivering the right products in the right volumes on time, and continually enhancing our portfolio.

Recycle is our way of life.

Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint by assuring you that your supply will be handled in accordance with International environmental standards. We deliver an environmentally friendly way. This is because recycled materials used in manufacturing use far less energy and water than virgin materials.


There is more to worldwide trading with Metal & Minerals as commodities than just buying and selling. Services related to the actual transaction are playing an increasingly greater role. Logistics have become an integral part of trading.


When we were formed in 2008, we set our sights on becoming the most efficient provider of Metals & minerals to improve the world's standard of such trade. Today, we're a leading Mineral & Metals commodity management firm connecting producers and consumers of such commodity through our global supply chain network.